3-Way Nail Buffer
May be used on fingers & toes

Price: $4.95
Size: 5 ½” Ultra Cushioned Board

Step 2

Necessary to prepare the nail for optimum product effectiveness.
Wow! Look at my nails shine! Revere 3 Way Nail Buffer File is a must for nails that have ridges, are dull, or dry. Some buffers can damage the nail, but Revere carefully designed its buffer to help protect delicate nail layers with a gentle exfoliating surface.
Surface 1 is designed with the perfect coarseness discouraging over exfoliation. This side has the longest surface to extend buffer life.
Surface 2 stimulates the production of important and valuable natural nail moisture through the massaging action.
Surface 3 develops friction to distribute the newly produced nail moisture throughout the nail. The nail shines from the production and distribution of nail moisture. Try this same action on an artificial nail. NO SHINE! Why? The moisture cannot develop through the artificial nail. Moisture is the secret to developing beautiful healthy nails!


Use according to numbered sides.
Side 1: Exfoliate using back and forth motions across the nail surface to smooth the nail. If deep ridges are present, DO NOT attempt to remove all ridges with first use. Wipe off white dust from nail and cuticle area.
Side 2: Massage using back and forth motions across the top of the cuticle and nail for approximately 30 seconds. The massaging action produces natural nail moisture.
Side 3: Here comes the shine! Distribute precious nail moisture using back and forth motions across the nail surface.