Rapid Cuticle Remover
Formulated for fingers & toe

Price: $9.50
Size: .37 fl. oz./11 ml
Approx. 6 month supply

Step 1

Excess cuticle must be removed to promote nail growth. What is the #1 reason for slow nail growth? Overgrown cuticles! Gently and rapidly softens overgrown cuticles that inhibit nail growth. Formulated with a gentle alkali pH to protect the delicate cuticle area where nails begin to form. Contains tea tree extract as an antiseptic to help protect the nail’s delicate living tissue.


Apply to cuticles and let soak for a minute. Once soft, carefully push back and remove over grown cuticle skin from the nail with a manicure stick. Wash and dry hands. Apply Revere Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer to recover the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) of your cuticles and nails. Before closing, clean the rim of the bottle to ensure a tight seal.