Revere "Believe It!" Nail Starter Kit

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About the Product
  • Our Most Popular System For Developing "Believe It!" Nails
  • The Perfect Kit To Repair Problem Nails Fast
  • Say Goodbye To Breaking, Splitting, Peeling, Chipping, Hangnails, Nails That Won't Grow, Damage From Artificial or Gel Products
  • Made In The USA - No Animal Testing- Approx. 4-6 Month Supply
Product Description:

Rapid Cuticle Remover .37 fl oz Clean Up for a perfect manicure. What is the #1 reason for slow nail growth? Overgrown cuticles! Gently and rapidly softens overgrown cuticles that inhibit nail growth. Formulated with a gentle alkali pH to protect the delicate cuticle area where nails begin to form. Contains tea tree extract as an antiseptic to help protect the nail's delicate living tissue. 3 Way Nail Buffer File Size 5 ½" Ultra Cushioned Board Wow! Look at my nails shine! Revere 3 Way Nail Buffer File is a must for nails that have ridges, are dull, or dry. Some buffers can damage the nail, but Revere carefully designed its buffer to help protect delicate nail layers with a gentle exfoliating surface. Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer Size .37 fl oz Hydrate & Nourish to give nails and cuticles a drink of perfect moisture. Moisture loss is the #1 contributor to nail and cuticle problems. Healthy nails contain approximately 18% moisture. New moisturizing technology immediately recovers lost hydration in nails and cuticles caused by every day activities like hand washing, handling of paper, the use of cleaning supplies and shampoos. This breakthrough formula effectively nourishes and moisturizes without the use of oils and won't conflict with polish adhesion. Essential for nails recovering from the removal of artificial nails, UV cured color polishes and drying agents like nail polish remover. Revere Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer is the solution!
Power Nail Strengthener Size .37 fl oz Develop into "Believe It!" nails! Grow healthy strong beautiful nails. Say goodbye to nails that break, split, chip, peel, or crack. Fast acting formula with powerful actives that repair and restructure broken protein chains in order to develop nail strength. Revere Power Nail Strengthener is formulated to work synergistically with Revere Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer to deliver the necessary ingredients for stronger healthier nails


Step 1 Rapid Cuticle Remover Apply to cuticles and let soak for a minute. Once soft, carefully push back and remove over grown cuticle skin from the nail with a manicure stick. Wash and dry hands. Apply Revere Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer to recover the Natural Moisturizing Factor of your cuticles and nails. Use as needed. Before closing, clean the rim of the bottle to ensure a tight seal.
Step 2 3Way Nail Buffer File Use according to numbered sides. Side 1:Exfoliate using back and forth motions across the nail surface to smooth the nail. If deep ridges are present, DO NOT attempt to remove all ridges with first use. Wipe off white dust from nail and cuticle area. Side 2: Massage using back and forth motions across the top of the cuticle and nail for approximately 30 seconds. The massaging action produces natural nail moisture. Side 3:Here comes the shine! Distribute precious nail moisture using back and forth motions across the nail surface.
Step 3 Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer Apply to nails and surrounding skin to hydrate and restore dry cuticles and nails. Wait one minute and massage in excess for complete absorption. Great for toes too! Apply as often as desired to bare nails & cuticles MORNING AND EVENING. If color polish or strengthener is on the nail, apply to cuticles twice daily. Before closing, clean the rim of the bottle to ensure a tight seal.
Step 4 Power Nail Strengthener Apply one coat each day for two weeks. Remove previous application with non-acetone nail polish remover and apply Revere Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer and Power Nail Strengthener. The active ingredients in both products work synergistically within the nail for optimum health, growth and strength. After 2 weeks of daily application, apply one coat of each product weekly for maintenance. Revere Power Nail Strengthener may be used as a base coat for color polish. Before closing, clean the rim of the bottle to ensure a tight seal.