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Moisturize & nourish to create a healthier stronger more flexible nail. Perfect for all nail types, even sensitive! Restore your nails after removal of artificial, UV cured gel color or solve breaking, splitting, chipping, dry & peeling nails.

Moisturize with the most advanced effective formula available with Revere’s Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer. Highly effective plant stem cell technology & micro encapsulated vitamins C & E protected in a unique gel base. Oil Free!

Nourish & Strengthen with Revere’s patented and extremely effective Multi Active Nail Strengthener with Care. This breakthrough formula multi binding active aldehyde’s promotes the formation of keratin protein for strength. Medically tested and formaldehyde free. Perfect for ALL nail types, even sensitive! strengthener for sensitive nails. For fast strengthening try Revere’s Power Nail Strengthener