Breaking ,Splitting, Chipping, Peeling Nail SOLUTION

For all nail types and sensitive!

If you are experiencing any or all of the following problems of breaking, splitting , chipping, dry or peeling nails, Revere has the answer! SOLUTION: Revere’s Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer & Multi Active Nail Strengthener with Care.

Our cuticles and nails constantly loose important natural moisture from cleaning products, shampoo’s, sun, air-conditioning, water, such as washing our hands. Our nails should contain approximately 18 % moisture. When we lose important moisture, peeling nails is the possible result along with the potential of breaking, splitting and chipping nails.

Revere’s Nail & Cuticle MoisturizerN effectively replenishes moisture with plant stem cells while providing micro encapsulated vitamins C & E in a protective gel base. We do not use oil as the molecules are too big to penetrate the nail and effectively moisturize. In addition, oil conflicts with the adhesion of products/polishes. If you’ve ever had a manicure, you will note that after the manicurist moisturize the nails & cuticle, they must then use alcohol or nail polish remover to clean the nail before applying the nail polish! WHY? Because the final products/polish won’t adhere to the nail properly. This action removes important moisture!

Revere’s Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer does not contain OIL or any conflicting residues that conflict with nail polish adhesion. Revere’s moisturizer effectively hydrates your nails & cuticles.

Approximately 80% of our nail is protein. The nail’s protein is negatively influenced by the fluctuation of hormones! This fluctuation causes separation or breaks between the protein/keratin molecules that nails are made of whereby developing weak points in the nail which can lead to breaking, splitting, chipping nails.

Revere’s Multi Active Nail Strengthener with Care is formulated with medically tested multi binding ingredients that re-connect protein/keratin chains whereby developing strength without gluing the nail plate layers together. If a product glues the nail plate layers together (like a nail hardener product) moisture cannot reside between the layers! A nail hardener will develop a stronger nail but a DRY nail that will break. Revere fixes nail problems by maintaining the nails integrity while moisturizing and strengthening the nail plate.

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