3 Steps For Strong Flexible Nails

Unlock the secret to healthier nails & cuticles

Three easy to use fast acting products that will deliver moisturize and strengthen your natural nails.
Each product will develop an immediate effect when used.
Just 5 minutes a day and you will develop healthier, stronger more flexible nails.

Step 1 3-Way Nail Buffer exfoliates, and minimizes ridges while stimulating the production of natural nail moisture. Develops a smooth shiny surface for lasting polish wear.

Step 2 Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer One product to effectively moisturize both areas! Contains plant stem cell hydration infused micro encapsulated vitamins C & E. Revere’s ingredient actives are protected in a gel base delivering instant hydration, Oil Free! Will not conflict with product /polish adhesion.

Step 3 Multi Active Nail Strengthener New multi binding aldehyde ingredient for extra strength. Dries to a high gloss shine. Formaldehyde free You take care of your skin, hair, and teeth to "Reflect Your Beauty" now you can show off your nails with confidence!

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