About Us

Revere Cosmetics is dedicated in merging technology and science with the latest technology in ingredients, manufacturing quality products that work in the field of hand and nail care.
Revere’s Founder Mr. Richard Houts started in the field of cosmetology designing and manufacturing skin care equipment in 1980. Evolving in his career he developed an interest in the cosmetic industry primarily focusing on importing and marketing the most effective hand and nail care products for the United States Market. Mr. Houts noticed the change and advances of ingredient technology over the years. With these changes Mr. Houts recognized the value in the advances and decided to stop importing and take his years of knowledge and know-how developing his own brand now known as Revere! Revere’s philosophy is to provide the finest and most innovative nail care products and is now a step ahead with their products. A new generation of hand and nail care products that work has been born! Come join us in the exciting advancements in hand and nail care and let Revere help you "Reflect Your Beauty"!